Service & Expertise

More than a mere supplier, UBS is a partner who is invested in our customers’ success.

At UBS Canada our full-service construction expertise delivers value across all stages of a project, from inspection to installation. 

Industrial Construction

  • Maintenance and capital projects
  • Structural steel and aluminum products and installation
  • Professional engineering, drafting, and 3D design
  • Repair, replacement, reinforcement of existing structures
  • Work platforms, walkways, ladders and stairs
  • Pipe supports and anchors
  • Lifting devices and monorails
  • Permanent, engineered fall protection systems
  • Conveyors, sizers and crushers
  • Overhead protection structures – doors, walkways, lights, piping, valves

Engineered Machinery Guarding Solutions including:

  • Machinery Guarding Assessments
  • Engineered solutions to provide the highest degree of safety, quality and efficiency
  • Designed with the end-user needs in mind
  • Many industrial applications including pumps, conveyors, pulleys, belt drives and other rotating equipment

High Traction Safety Solutions

  • Ladders, stairs and walkways
  • Permit centers, process units, escape routes
  • Loading docks, warehouse entrances, shop floors
  • Barges, dredges, marine vessels, gangways
  • Truck beds, ramps, cable crossovers

Inspection and Assessment Services

  • Machinery guarding compliance and deficiency assessments
  • Structural compliance and deficiency assessments
  • Welding inspection services
  • API inspection services
  • Construction completions and tie-in projects