High Traction
Safety Solutions

Minimize the risk of slips, trips, and falls in the harshest working environments with proven High Traction solutions

Universal Builders Supply (UBS) Canada, ULC is the leading provider of High Traction safety products in the Wood Buffalo region in Alberta. Our applications are currently providing safer footing every minute of every day at multiple oil sands and petrochemical facilities.

High Traction products from UBS reduce slips, trips and falls by ensuring maximum traction for workers on stairs, ladders, walkways and many other applications within industrial facilities.

High Traction Ladder Rung Covers

Ladders are treacherous to negotiate because a mere slip can lead to a serious or fatal injury from height. Enhance ladder safety with anti-slip rung covers, which feature a gritted surface that is easier to grip whether dry or wet. These are available for both flat and round rungs.

High Traction Step Covers

High Traction step covers can be installed over a variety of materials to help prevent slips on any stair system. Whether it is a full coverage tread or just the nosing, reduce incidents by improving your workers’ grip.

High Traction Walkway Covers

Slip-resistant walkway covers provide superior anti-slip contact for workers, even in the most adverse conditions. These impact and corrosion-resistant surfaces are perfect for ramps as well as for level walkways.

Custom solutions

UBS designs and installs many custom applications in high-traffic and high-risk areas for our clients. We have implemented many unique applications, large and small, to help our clients improve worker safety.  These include areas such as:

  • Permit centres, process units, escape routes
  • Barges, dredges, gangways, marine vessels
  • Loading docks, warehouses, shop floors
  • Truck beds, ramps, cable crossovers

Versatile for any environment

Chemical, corrosion and impact resistant, our covers are suitable for use in any environment, whether indoors or outdoors.

Custom messaging and logos

Safety messages, warnings or logos can be added to virtually all of our high traction products. These remind workers to think of safety at all times, and can also warn of any hazards or hazardous areas to which they may be exposed.

Various colours and photo-luminescent treatment

High Traction covers come in a variety of colours to suit your needs. A photo-luminescent version that glows in the dark is also available to help identify safe escape routes in low light or critical risk environments.

Long lasting durability

Our High Traction products undergo rigorous testing and have proven to provide years of slip prevention in the harshest of environments.

Expert installation teams

Qualified installers and safe, proven installation procedures guarantee the right solution for any industrial work environment.

When you choose UBS you always get:

  • A safety-focused and experienced team
  • Superior customer service
  • Cost-saving solutions
  • Innovative designs and solutions for unique problems
  • Services and solutions across the entire project life-cycle: design, engineering, procurement, construction and turnover